Sandra Matos

Real Estate & Business Advisor

As your professional life coach, provide consultancy in the real estate sector and business area.

My goal is to support people so they can become their best, richest, most fulfilled selves.

Your Success is Our Success!

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"Sandra Matos is a professional of excellence and dedication. Treat all your goals as priorities so that nothing fails. That's why the confidence she conveys to us is incomparable. Having her on our side is having a friend who fights for us."

Ana Castro | Real Estate Solicitor


"She is an excellent person, friend, companion, helpful, enthusiastic, cheerful, a good listener. As a professional, she is a very focused person, with well-defined goals and marked goals so that her Dreams can come true."

Fátima Oliveira | BNI North and Coast Director


"Sandra Matos is a dedicated young woman and defender of noble causes such as social humanitarian problems and also issues related to the abandonment of animals. In a first contact, Sandra reveals her simplicity and her high intellectual degree. She is very focused and very demanding in the projects she embraces."

Isabel Dias | Accountant


"Sandra Matos is a professional of excellence and dedication. She treats all her goals as priorities so that nothing fails. That is why the confidence she conveys is incomparable. Having her on our side is having a friend who fights for us."

Client Mário Figueiredo | Entrepreneur - WorldStudio - Graphic Design


"I have the privilege of meeting Sandra Matos for several years. Very communicative, friendly person, always available, with a very peculiar sense of humor. He has an extraordinary capacity for evolution, always looking for training, both personal and professional, that opens new paths for her to satisfy the teams who does she work with and obviously with her clients.

Sandra is a professional, with a huge capacity for work, easy to reach her goals, always complies with everything she undertakes, with a high performance, professionalism, efficiency, discipline, speed, with an unusual creative power, that make her a singular person. What I think about Sandra ...Who has a bright future ahead of her!"

Pedro Rocha | Administration Teixeira Duarte


"There are people who cross paths in our life path, professional, and who make our surrounding world more prosperous and healthier, and above all become people we admire and even people we are inspired by, in the sense of experiences, confidence and overcoming challenges.

These people have a name, a legacy, their own essence, an immense strength, a very contagious optimism and, in this case, that person is called Sandra Matos. Thank you, Sandra, for meeting you."

Renato Leão Civil | Engineer, Real Estate Consultant and Entrepreneur